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Here are just a few of the brands I've worked with...

"I had a breakthrough about which fears and struggles were holding me back! I became so motivated. I’ve made more money launching my course in 3 days than an average month in 1:1 sessions, booking over $16,000 in sales... I cannot recommend The Spark School enough! 🙌🏽"

Bree Jenkins
Dating Coach & Relationship Experience

"A travel company reached out to me...we formed a partnership for me to get paid $500 monthly for a post and 2 stories!"

Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer

"I have 10k followers. Exactly one month ago today, I had 7k! "

Body Positivity Influencer

"I've secured over $22,500 from one sponsorship client, $15,000 with another brand and a private client where I made $30,000. I've also secured two big TV appearances, one on the Kelly Clarkson Show and the other on Good Day LA...I can't thank Gwen enough!"

Sarah Dandashy
Award Winning Concierge & Travel Expert

"I had my first Zoom meeting with a brand. Three people from the company asked about plans and ideas for this year to partner together. I successfully got them excited and they suggested we work on multiple long-term campaigns together, not just one-off!"

Christina DeRosa
Actor & Producer Creator

"I received 2 paid partnerships...I also signed a contract with a brand that reached out to me because they loved my YouTube videos and they want me to make mini-videos talking about plus size clothes. Also, I applied for fit modeling for this huge brand to be one of their fit models!"

Monica Fisher
Plus-Size Lifestyle, Fashion, & Beauty Influencer

"I just posted for my single highest-paid campaign to date today...I feel like in the last 2-3 months things have really started to snowball. I set a goal for myself to hit $1k per month (an average) working with brand!"

Taylor Coleman Adams
Lifestyle Influencer

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