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Welcome to The Spark School!

 It's THE place for influencers and entrepreneurs to learn how to build an online presence, grow an engaged following, and monetize through brand sponsorships and digital offers.

When I first started my travel and lifestyle blog, The LA Girl in 2015, I couldn't find any business and monetization resources online specifically for influencers.

After 2 years of growing The LA Girl to multiple six-figures through brand sponsorships, I was able to quit my job as a Marketing Director after 12+ years in digital marketing. 

While I still work with brands, my true passion is teaching other influencers and entrepreneurs how to build a successful business online while making a positive impact. 

NOW is the time to take action to achieve your goals. Whether that's to be your own boss, make an extra $5,000 a month in revenue, spend more time with your loved ones, travel the world, I wanna help you live life on your own terms. 

Gwen Lane, Headmaster


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I'm an influencer/content creator who wants to grow my following and get paid brand deals


I'm an entrepreneur/business owner who wants to grow my influence and revenue


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Here's what some of our students have to say about The Spark School...

"A travel company reached out to me...we formed a partnership for me to get paid $500 monthly for a post and 2 stories!"

Fitness & Lifestyle Influencer

"I had a breakthrough about which fears and struggles were holding me back! I became so motivated. I’ve made more money launching my course in 3 days than an average month in 1:1 sessions, booking over $16,000 in sales... I cannot recommend The Spark School enough! 🙌🏽"

Bree Jenkins
Dating Coach

"Got a first paid collaboration with one of my favorite beauty brands (total value $500 including the products) ILIA Beauty reached out to me when I only had 685 followers. I was stoked!"

Beauty Influencer

"#win I have 10k followers. Exactly one month ago today, I had 7k! "

Body Positivity Influencer

"I've secured over $22,500 from one sponsorship client, $15,000 with another brand and a private client where I made $30,000. I've also secured two big TV appearances, one on the Kelly Clarkson Show and the other on Good Day LA...I can't thank Gwen enough!"

Sarah Dandashy
Award Winning Concierge & Travel Expert

"I had my first Zoom meeting with a brand. 3 People from the company asked about plans and ideas for this year to partner together. I successfully got them excited and they suggested we work on multiple long-term campaigns together, not just one-off!"

Christina DeRosa
Actor & Producer Creator

"I received 2 paid partnerships, one is for $150 and the other I negotiated to increase to pay me $300 for 1 post on my feed and stories. I also signed a contract with a brand that reached out to me because they loved my YouTube videos and they want me to make mini-videos talking about plus size clothes. Also, I applied for fit modeling for this huge brand and signed an NDA to be one of their fit models!"

Monica Fisher
Plus-Size Lifestyle, Fashion, & Beauty Influencer

"I just posted for my single highest-paid campaign to date today with All Good Diapers! I feel like in the last 2-3 months things have really started to snowball. I set a goal for myself to hit $1k per month (an average) working with brands, this month I think I should be just $200 shy of hitting my goal for the first time, aim high!"

Taylor Coleman Adams
Lifestyle Influencer

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