We are an online learning community for impact-driven

influencers and entrepreneurs

Our Mission

To help content creators & influencers become successful CEOs so that they can be free and fulfilled, while inspiring others to do the same. 


Over the last three years, we've helped nearly 5,000 influencers grow their following, get paid brand deals and monetize through digital products. Most importantly, we've also helped them build their confidence, power through self-doubt and insecurities, and rediscover their self-worth. 

About Our Founder, Gwen Lane

I started out just like you...

Posting on Instagram and my blog, not really having a solid game plan on how I was going to make this a real business. 

I had to learn how to grow my audience and monetize on my own and it took me years to figure out how to make a consistent income as an influencer (my 12+ years in digital marketing helped). 

I was invited to be an instructor at YouTube’s Business Accelerator program to teach content creators how to monetize their channel and build their platform into a full-time business.

I realized how much I loved teaching the marketing and business side of things to creatives and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I've taught THOUSANDS of influencers and entrepreneurs how to grow their following, make money and make an impact!

And now I want to help you do the same!

Here are just some of the brands I've worked with...


Kalpana Ravulapati

Kalpana Ravulapati is the Operations Director at The Spark School with a Bachelor's and MBA in Accounting. She is a Chicago-based Lifestyle & Travel Influencer, determined to speak positivity into the world and help women like herself live their best life, and dedicated to inspiring women to conquer their dreams, venture beyond the borders of their comfort zones, and look fabulous doing it through tips on all things fashion, lifestyle, travel, and wellness. During her free time, she loves to read, listen to podcasts, cook, watch movies, yogi, hike, boxing, cycle, dance, spend time with family and friends, and travel the world to experience new adventures.

Kimber DeAnda

Kimber DeAnda is the Community Manager at The Spark School. She is LA-based and spent nearly a decade building a career in the music industry as a Client Service Coordinator and Studio Manager where she learned how to truly connect with others, find solutions to problems they faced, and assist them with achieving their dreams. She takes pride in being able to provide a meaningful experience to members of our community and helping them have an impact on the world. When she's not busy with work, you can find her volunteering with animals or enjoying her time in nature.

Keith Nocus

Keith is the Social Media Assistant at The Spark School. She got inspired to also start her influencer career because of what she learned while working for The Spark School. During her free time, she loves watching movies, playing online games and reading books. She also enjoys traveling and meeting new people.


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