2021 Social Media Trends

2021 Social Media Trends

the spark show Jan 20, 2021

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode I’ll be talking about 2021 Social Media Trends so that you can make those crucial decisions on what you’ll be spending time on this year to grow your following, reach more people and make a bigger impact. 

Trend # 1: Voice 

Studies show that podcast listening is on the rise with people favoring easy-to-consume content that you can listen to on-the-go. Advertisers are spending more on podcasts and that looks like that’s just going to continue.

The new voice-only social media app, Clubhouse, is also proof that voice is taking over. People love being able to listen in and join conversations from celebrities and top entrepreneurs. With it being invite-only and iOs only, people have been clamoring for invites all over the other platforms. 

Twitter also launched a beta version of Spaces, their audio-only feature. 

If you don’t love video, then these channels may be where you want to spend your time this year. 

Trend #2: Go Live 

According to Social Media Today, livestreams went up by 50% on Facebook and 70% on Instagram during lock down periods and they predict this will continue to rise in 2021. Amazon Live is something that’s starting to gain traction as well. 

People love the feel of live streams because it creates relatability and trust, and an in-the-moment experience that you can’t get with a photo or video that’s been posted. Your community has the chance to connect with you right then and there. 

You might want to add a livestream every week or month to your content calendar to give your community this experience. 

Trend #3: Snackable Video 

Instagram launched Reels, their competitor to Tiktok, and as expected they’re prioritizing this new feature. If you’re already posting on Tiktok, a lot of people are repurposing their Tiktok content on Reels. With Instagram’s new update, it looks like the Reels feed might be the new default so if you want to grow on the platform then you wanna make sure you’re creating Reels.

Trend #4: Influencer Marketing on the Rise 

Good news for all of us! According to Influencer Marketing Hub, investing in influencers is more cost-effective than running paid ad campaigns and provides better results. And many marketers are choosing to work with micro influencers instead of celebrities.

That goes to show that it’s a great year to work on your influencer business because more and more brands will be looking to work with influencers this year. 

Remember, just because it’s trending it doesn’t mean you have to do it. Consistency on the platforms you’re on and providing value to your audience is the most important thing. 

We don’t know what features will be around this time next year so it’s best to stick to your primary platform - whether that’s your blog, video on Youtube repurposed on your blog or your podcast repurposed on your blog, and then add social media to amplify that content. 

I always recommend to my students to focus on the platform you own and to add more as you gain consistency and get in the habit of creating and posting content. 

If you struggle with consistency, make sure you listen to last week’s episode 108 where I talk about how to stick to habits so that you can achieve your goals. If your goal is to grow your social media following, your email list and your audience in general, you wanna make sure you set yourself up for success by staying consistent with your habits. 

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