3 Reasons Why Influencers Should Build An Email List

3 Reasons Why Influencers Should Build An Email List

influencers monetization Oct 17, 2018

So many influencers are relying on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to grow their following but as entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s really important to build your email list.

Here are 3 reasons why influencers like you should make the effort to build your email list:

Reason #1. You own it

You own your list and no one can take it away from you. You don’t own Facebook or Instagram and they can decide to change anything they want. In fact, as you know, these platforms don’t show your content to 100% of your audience, that’s because they want you to pay for that reach. When you email your audience, 100% of your emails reach your audience, it just depends if it lands in spam, or in the promotions section, or if they choose to open it.

So in this case, it’s up to you to optimize your email or create a really good subject line, but you don’t have the option to pay for it to be seen.

Reason #2. To sell

People are still buying via email, why do you think retail stores are still sending out an email on a daily basis? Stats have shown that people who buy products marketed through email, spend  138% more than people that do not receive email offers. In fact, clothing brand, JustFab saw a 103% increase in revenue thanks to personalizing their email marketing messaging.

And if your audience is millenials, studies have shown that Millennials love email, with 73 percent preferring to contact brands by email because it’s a ‘part of everyday life’.

Reason #3. Monetize

It’s another platform that you can offer in your advertising packages in addition to your blog and social media platforms. You can include it as part of the package or as added value, which brands will love if you have a big list and a good open rate.

So just to recap, the 3 reasons why influencer should build an email list and NOT just rely on social media platforms is because:

#1- You own your email list and have control over it, unlike social media channels where they can choose to limit your reach when they want to.

#2- You can sell whatever you want on your email list whether that’s your own products or services, or if you’re adding affiliate links, and

#3- Is it’s another way for you to monetize and charge a higher fee for your influencer services.



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