5 Strategies to Get Your First Paid Brand Deal

5 Strategies to Get Your First Paid Brand Deal

monetization Nov 07, 2018

As influencers, we get tons of great perks. Free trips, products, and event invites, but these perks don't pay the bills. If you're serious about building your brand, you'll need to create a monetization plan.

Here are my top 5 proven strategies to attract and pitch to brands EVEN if you don't have a huge following yet. 

Strategy #1 Know and Grow Your Audience

Get into your analytics, find out what your audience wants, and narrow down your niche. It's vital that you're crystal clear on your brand before pitching to brands.

Strategy #2 Build Your Unique Brand

What is your big, huge brand vision? What is your brand's mission? What makes your brand unique?

 Strategy #3 Create Consistent Content

Think of your favorite, most successful influencers. How often do they post? It's important to be present on social media and your primary content channel. 

Strategy #4 Be Portfolio Ready

Your portfolio is like a resume for influencers. The three essential elements of a portfolio are:

Media Kit

Your essential stats and analytics. Where is your audience located? What is your audience's average age? This is super important for brands to know who they're marketing to.

Rate Card

A rate card is like a menu of services you provide along with pricing.

Case Studies

This is what will set you apart from the crowd - examples of your past work.

Strategy #5 Craft a Customized Pitch

Copy/paste is not your friend. Do you research, provide examples from other brand partnerships, and create a PERSONALIZED pitch for the greatest chance of response.



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