Are You Stuck at 555 Followers On Instagram? Here's Why!

Are You Stuck at 555 Followers On Instagram? Here's Why!


 In this video, I’ll be sharing:

  • Why your follower number is STUCK on Instagram and it seems like it’s impossible to grow your account no matter what you do
  • What you need to do to get UNSTUCK and how to get real, organic Instagram followers that can’t wait to see your next post
  • How to get to 10k followers FAST and why this is the number where the magic happens

Here’s what you may be experiencing, let me know if this sounds familiar: You’re posting and scrolling, but your follower count is not going anywhere. It goes up a little then goes down a lot. It can feel like you’re going backwards. You’re using hashtags but you’re not sure if it’s working and you’re lucky if you get a few comments on your post.

Here’s what you want to be experiencing: You’re posting high-quality content consistently and you’re growing your following everyday with real, organic people who are your target audience that care about you and what you have to say. You are sharing your story and your message in your captions and people are responding by liking, commenting and even saving your content! They’re responding through your Instagram stories through polls, questions and even DMs. You’re growing at a healthy rate every single month and brands are starting to reach out to you for collaborations. You’re growing your email list and getting leads on a daily basis. You’re getting sales from Instagram by sharing authentic content that resonates with your target audience.

So here are some reasons WHY you may be experiencing what you’re experiencing right now…

  • The content you’re posting is not the right fit for your audience
  • The quality of the content can be better
  • The hashtags you’re using are not optimized and not effective
  • The captions you’re using are boring and don’t really command engagement
  • There are no engagement strategies happening to get new followers

Here’s what needs to happen to make it better:

  • You need a solid foundation of Instagram including optimizing your bio and creating a brand that makes people want to hit the “FOLLOW” button
  • You need a content strategy that works to attract followers, customers and brands
  • You need a straightforward game plan of exactly what to do every single day so you’re not wasting time scrolling around and going down the social media rabbit hole
  • You need EXACT strategies of what’s working now so that you can get to 10K fast so that you can start experiencing the benefits of more reach and more revenue

I’m hosting a live 2-hour workshop, the 10K MASTERCLASS that will go into this into detail. I’ll be sharing everything I did to grow my following to over 100k followers without being famous, a model or a contestant on a reality show. I’ve never gone viral and it took me 4+ years to get there so I’m hoping I can help you fast track your way to 10k and avoid all the mistakes I made along the way.

This is not a FREE masterclass! Why? Because I want to make sure you actually show up and do the work. I’ve hosted plenty of free workshops in the past and only 10% of the people showed up

You can sign up at before the price goes up!


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