How to Use Astrology in Business Featuring Tarra Lee

How to Use Astrology in Business featuring Tarra Lee

the spark show Jun 17, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we talk to Ayurvedic consultant and Vedic astrologer Tarra Lee about how entrepreneurs can use these ancient scientific methods to get more in touch with their soul and leverage their energy to fulfill their true purpose.

We discuss what Ayurveda is and its focus on the mind, body and soul connection, the importance of following your intuition, and how you can use Vedic astrology as a business tool. 

Ever since she was young, Tarra Lee had always been fascinated by the stars. She even took elective classes about astronomy to further dive into her passion about the subject. Lee first discovered the ancient science of Ayurvedic medicine from a book she was reading on a plane ride home just after her mother had passed away from her battle with cancer. For years, Lee had been desperately searching for answers as to why this illness had happened and seeking alternatives that could help her mom. She immediately felt drawn towards Ayurvedic medicine and decided to devote her life towards the practice. 

What is Ayurveda? 

Lee describes Ayurveda as "one of the world's oldest, whole body healing systems that originated in India, which is about 5,000 years old and is really focused on the mind, body and soul connection." 

After learning more about Ayurveda, Lee delved into another branch of the science... Vedic astrology. 

Lee said, "Vedic astrology is actually the science of light and that has so many overlaps with Ayurveda in being able to help on a soul level to really transcend illness and healing, which I was really interested in." 

The importance of following your intuition 

Through her study of Ayurveda, Lee has been able to really hone in on following her intuition. 

She gave some advice on how we all can be a little more intuitive. Lee said, "It's something that I needed to grow. I think we really need to quieten the mind and be really in a mindful place to listen to our inner guidance. We all have it. It's just like a muscle, we need to activate it for it to get stronger." 

Lee practices meditation in order to help her become more mindful. 

The Spark Show host Gwen Lane talked about how we all have an inner guidance, even if we may not realize it. She said, "So many people ask me questions that I feel like only themselves can answer and I think sometimes we look for the answers externally, when really, they're there within ourselves."

Lee added, "That's the thing that I love about Vedic astrology. When I'm speaking to my clients, it's all information that they know already going on a really deep soul level. So, it's just really activating that within them... We've all got the answers."

Tarra Lee does readings for her clients through their natal birth chart. Through her readings, Lee serves as a vessel reminding her clients of who they really are.

She said, "That's the thing, you need someone to just help. It comes down to recognition most of the time, because we doubt ourselves a lot; and so someone that doesn't know you on an intimate level and is extracting this information or giving you this insight, it really makes you acknowledge that." 

Horoscopes vs. Vedic astrology 

What some people may not realize is that there is a big difference between the kind of astrology that involves horoscopes and Vedic astrology. 

Lee said, "The difference between the horoscopes is that they're really generic. They're not really personalized at all. So, horoscopes have given astrology a bit of a bad rep because they're not individualized at all. Whereas, what I take my clients through is their natal chart, which is their birth chart. So, that is really unique as sort of, we call it, the comic blue print of the soul and it actually shows probabilities in your lifetime."

"It's not fatalistic in any way," Lee adds. "It's just showing the probabilities of what could potentially happen in your life. If you're interested in looking at it from a predictive element, then it also shows us all about our personality and what our soul is actually destined to do here." 

How to use astrology in business 

Vedic astrology can be used as a great tool for many entrepreneurs. 

"If we're using it as a self reflection tool, [we can] access what our unique gifts are and what our potential challenges are as well," Lee said. "[Aside from the] positive aspects of it, it can also show potential weaknesses that we have, so, that can be empowering knowledge. The chart can actually show us a lot that has to do with our career. So, the natal chart has house placements, it's unique to all of us, so depending on the planet placements within your chart, it can really show us what potential challenges that you'll have and obviously opportunities." 

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