What’s the Difference Between a Collaboration and a Sponsorship?

The 3 Different Ways to Work With Brands

So, what’s the difference between a collaboration and a sponsorship anyway? When working with brands, it can become tricky to figure out exactly what they're offering. Here are three different ways you can work with brands at any stage of your brand's growth.

The 3 Different Ways to Work With Brands


Brand collaborations are usually unpaid, but product is typically provided. Sometimes they ask you to buy the product or give you a discount code, but this is generally something to avoid unless they give you product for free. Why should you pay THEM for your hard work?


Partnerships may be paid or unpaid; the term can be vague  and you may need to ask the brand for clarification on what they're offering.


This is our big goal as influencers - a paid deal where you are offered payment for promotion services on your channel. 

What Should You Focus on If You Have Fewer Than 10k Followers?

The #1 thing you should be doing is working with brands in any way. Review free product, start building relationships, and you'll have a fuller media kit when you reach 10k. 

How to Turn a Collaboration into a Sponsorship

The answer is so simple: just ask! The absolute worst thing that can happen is that they say no and you proceed with the collaboration.

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