The Spark Show Episode 2: The Influencer Stereotype

The Influencer Stereotype

the spark show Jun 11, 2019

Do you REALLY know what an influencer is? Have you heard the term but aren't exactly sure what it means? 

Influencers are oftentimes portrayed as self-centered divas who only care about getting the perfect photo and are always boasting about how many followers they have, and there’s even been bad press lately about influencers asking for free stuff like hotel stays or meals.

Now I’m not gonna lie, there are influencers like that who fit the bill. But when I talk about influencers on this podcast, I’m talking about a different type of influencer: one that is not growing a following for fame or fortune. But because they want to help people. You can help a lot more people if you have a bigger audience. Your message, whatever that is, can reach more people if you have a big audience. That’s just the truth.

I break it all down more in Episode 2. 



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