When to Hire a Professional Photographer with Lin Marty

When to Hire a Professional Photographer Featuring Lin Marty

the spark show Sep 02, 2019

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I wanna talk to you about something most influencers struggle with which is knowing when to hire a photographer.

This is even if you have an Instagram husband, buddy or friend - because they’re not always available or maybe they’re not a professional photographer - and if they are, well - good for you. All of us are glaring at you right now, just kidding - kind of.

Today we’re talking to my dear friend, Lin Marty and I’m not just saying “friend” just to say that but because we’ve known each other for over a decade...we actually used to work together in advertising a long, long, long time ago at one of my first jobs out of college. This was when I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but then this job seemed cool. And I remember getting to this point of being there and not really feeling like it was fulfilling work and I just had to leave.

I mean the people were great, the perks were great but I just felt like anyone could do that job - so it was not in alignment with me and I learned that a few months in. But because of responsibility, the bills and having to support myself I had to stick it out for a while until I absolutely could not stomach it anymore. And

I’m sure you may relate to an experience similar to this. So wait, back to photography, so I left the ad agency and Lin and I kept in touch. I actually left to live in Europe and find myself through travel for a year and she worked her way up the agency ladder.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, we reconnected and she had been watching my journey and super supportive and then she started doing photography and later on made the jump into also being an entrepreneur full time.

She specializes in personal branding photography and I work with her all the time so we’ve gotten to know each other professionally and personally more in the last few years, and we’re also in a mastermind together.

It’s really important to surround yourself with people who inspire you and support you and Lin has been one of those people in my circle that has the strategic experience and knowledge and is also just a great person. 

I wanna get into this interview where we talk about photos, is phone photography good enough? What to do if you don’t have a creative eye, what to do about lighting, composition, how to take photos if you’re on your own, and when to hire a photographer as well as the benefits of doing that. 

Lin is located in the LA area and I’ve recommended her to all my friends and followers, so if you wanna work with her you should definitely reach out. She travels to NY, Vegas and other places too! 

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