The Spark Show Episode 30: Influence = Impact

Influence = Impact

the spark show Sep 12, 2019

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I’ll be going over why INFLUENCE=IMPACT!

We'll go over:

  • What being an influencer really means 
  • The 3 essentials to growing your personal brand 
  • The #1 thing that makes you stand out from everyone else

First, let’s talk about what being an influencer really means. 

Let’s first talk about what it’s not: 

  • It’s not about the likes, getting followers and all of that stuff 
  • It’s not about getting free stuff and the perks (it’s a nice to have) 
  • It’s not about just taking pictures and videos without meaning and intention 

What is being an influencer about:

  • Creating a connection with your audience by being YOU 
  • Helping people with your content by inspiring and empowering them
  • Building a community and creating a safe space

3 Essentials to Growing Your Personal Brand


The ability to impact; You are able to educate, entertain, how them a different perspective, inspire action or decisions. You do this by showing up for your audience, sharing your story and being vulnerable, being consistent on your channels. It’s gonna take time and effort, it’s not gonna happen overnight. It’s not gonna happen if you just show up whenever you want. The question is: are you willing to do it. 


Your brand is a business and if you’re not making money it’s a hobby (and that’s okay too). But if you wanna do this full time you have to have a plan to monetize. I teach people how to get brand sponsorships and how to launch a digital offer. As an influencer, you have two customers (I talk about this more in detail in my podcast episode 25, go listen to that if you haven’t already), your two customers are your audience and brands that want to get in front of that audience. Now if you’re just posting and you don’t have a strategy and system in place, then it’s just gonna be a hobby for you. 

Some of you are in The Spark Society VIP which is my program that helps you get started with brand sponsorships. Now if you’re ready to launch a digital offer and create sustainable, recurring revenue you can apply for a free breakthrough session with me. But this is only for those who are ready to commit and invest in growing their influencer business now. You can head to to book a free breakthrough session with me. 


This is really the end goal of an influencer. It’s the ability to help others, make a difference. This is really it. If this is not your goal, then it’s not gonna last. People can see if you’re genuine and if you really care. If your goal is ONLY to promote your business or to get paid money by brands, it’s not gonna stick. Just think of the influencers you follow right now, you usually follow them for a reason - they give you helpful tips, inspiration or you just like them as a person. That’s what you need to do, in your own way. 

The #1 thing that makes you stand out from everyone else:

You are already unique, no one can be you. The sooner you get this, the easier things will be because you can stop trying to be anyone else but yourself. No one has the same story as you, no one can ever replicate you - even if they tried. But the #1 thing that is really gonna make you stand out from everyone else is INTENTION. The reason why you’re doing this. 

You need to know that reason and you need to share it with your audience so that they know why you’re doing this. Because if you’re intention is to help others, WHY? What is the reason that compels you to show up for them every day? What is the message you need to get out there or your life won’t be fulfilled? 

You need to get clear on this right now and make sure that your people know about it. Because once they know you’re not just in it for the fame and fortune, you’ll gain their trust and that is the most important thing. It has to be unique to you and your story. 

To recap, we talked about what being an influencer means and what it’s not about. We talked about the 3 essentials to growing your personal brand (influence, income and impact). And lastly, we talked about the #1 thing that makes you stand out from everyone else which is your intention and why you do what you do. 

That’s it for today’s episode, in the next one I’m going to be talking to my good friend Tyler J McCall about how to build a unique brand with your personality. Thank you so much for tuning into The Spark Show and I’ll see you in the next episode! 

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