How to Build a 6 Figure Influencer Business

the spark show Nov 14, 2019

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I’ll be covering the 5 steps to 6 Figure influencer. I’m going to talk about the shifts you have to make to get to your first 6 figures in your influencer business, the revenue opportunities you have as an influencers and the action steps you need to take right now. 

I launched and built a successful 6 figure membership community with over 300 members. I’ve launched courses, group coaching programs and I wanna help you do the same! 

 So first let’s talk about the beliefs you need to have to create a 6 figure influencer business. 

  1. You have to believe that it’s possible
  2. You have to believe that it’s actually a business (and treat it like a business) 
  3. You have to believe that success will come (in the beginning, it won’t feel like it)
  4. You have to believe in a mission (to help others and make an impact) 
  5. You have to believe that you’re worthy of 6 figure business 

Now let’s talk about your revenue opportunities. A lot of influencers get this all wrong. They’re posting and creating content and then they just wanna grow their following to get brand deals. They think that’s the only way to monetize and that they have to be at a certain point to do that.

Of course, things can be a lot easier once you’ve built your audience but that’s going to take time - it’s gonna take months and years. You will continue to grow your following if you continue to provide value. 

What most influencers do is that they just wait around for brands to reach out to them or sometimes they reach out to brands. But what they don’t realize is that they have people, their followers that are already there that need their help. Sometimes we’re too busy posting and we’re not listening.

The most successful influencers out there are going beyond brand deals and serving their audience. They’re doing this by selling their own physical or digital products and services, or they’re selling other people’s products and services and generating affiliate marketing revenue. If you get one thing out of this video, it’s that brand deals is just ONE revenue stream.

And there are influencers like me that built a 6 figure business through brand sponsorships but you don’t have to do that. I wish I launched my digital offers sooner! I could have probably quit my 9 to 5 job sooner and most importantly, I could have helped people sooner. 

 The thing is, your people (your followers) have a problem or challenge. And if you can help them solve that problem - why not. Why not help them? I’m not telling you to sell them something they don’t need or want. I’m telling you to help them by selling them something they do need. And this is where another BELIEF comes in, that SELLING is SERVING.

Most people think that if you’re selling something - it’s bad or sleazy. It’s probably because someone was trying to sell you something you didn’t need or was trying to pressure you. What I do, and what I teach my students and clients to do is to SERVE their audience. To provide them value and the opportunity to work with them on a deeper level if they need it. 

 Through your content, you can figure out what your people need and you can show them how you can help. That’s really it! 

 I have so many influencers in my community that are ready to launch their first digital offer - whether that’s a course, membership or program and most of them don’t know what to do. Well here you go, here are some action steps for you:  

  1. Go through these beliefs, watch this video again if you have to and really ask yourself if you’re ready to shift these in your mind. It all starts there. 
  2. Once you’re ready to shift these beliefs, I want you to watch my free training that I’ll add a link to in this video which shows you my step-by-step game plan for 6 figure influence. It’s exactly what I did in my business to launch a digital offer that could help my audience 
  3. And lastly once you go through the training, you’ll be able to book a call with me or my team to help you get clarity on what kind of digital offer you can launch. This is a free call and we have limited spots available so please only book a call once you’ve watched the training and only if you’re ready to launch your digital offer in the next 90 days. 

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