The Spark Show Episode 52: The Best Influencer Gifts

The Best Influencer Gifts

the spark show Nov 28, 2019

Hey there, welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I’m going to be talking about the best influencer gifts for yourself or that you can get someone to give you!

At the time that I’m recording this, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the day after is Black Friday. So everyone is holiday shopping and instead of getting a bunch of stuff that you don’t need, might as well get stuff that’s useful for your business!

I’m a huge fan of functional gifts. My husband Luke and I don’t really surprise each other with stuff, we usually do a list so we’re never disappointed.

I also usually buy myself the things I need since they’re a business expense, so I like getting things that I’m going to use. 

I did wanna tell you a story about the Apple Watch my husband gave me as a gift. He got one for himself and then loved it so much, he decided to get me one.

The thing is, I’ve never liked wearing watches. When I got my first watch when I was a kid, I liked it for a week then ended up losing it. I never bought myself watches, it just wasn’t my thing.

So when he got me this watch, I really liked the features - being able to see texts, getting water reminders to stay hydrated, recording the steps.

But again, after a few weeks, I stopped wearing it and even now, when I ask him what time it is - he would say, “You would know if you wore your Apple Watch.” - That’s marriage, right?

Anyways, I wanted to share that story because although it’s a super functional gift - it’s also has to be something you like using or get into the habit of using. 

What you may not know about me before I started my influencer business, I used to work for first as en editorial curator, then as a marketing manager and media spokesperson.

What I loved about it is that I became a gifts expert! We would recommend the best gifts for her, him, birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas - you name it.

I would even do press interviews and show our gift recommendations. So I really enjoy choosing gifts and of course, receiving gifts - I mean who doesn’t? 

So now let’s get into the best influencer gifts. So all influencers are content creators and the one thing that never stop doing is creating content. So here’s my list of gifts that would help an influencer do just that (and I’ve added links to all of these products in the show notes so you can easily, send it to someone or just go shopping for yourself):

Let’s start with the device. I’ve recently upgraded to an Apple 11 Pro and let me just say that the camera is fantastic. An influencer is never without her phone for pictures and posting!

So that would be an AMAZING gift that would be used every single day and for years.

It would definitely up the quality of your content and would be a good investment in your business. My tip would be to go as high as you can with the storage option because we talk a lot of photos.

I got the 256MB, but there’s also a 512MB if you wanna splurge. I have a lot of storage options so if you have iCloud, you should be fine with the 256. 

Buy the Apple 11 Pro:

Next let’s talk about my go-to phone accessory! This is actually on my list because I just upgraded my phone and I’m watching for the sale this week. And that’s the Bandolier!

It’s a phone case (so also works if you don’t have an iPhone) with a patented design that features a strap - meaning you will always have your phone handy and you’ll minimize your chances of dropping it.

It basically turns your phone into a crossbody purse. I absolutely love it! I saw a lady wearing it at the dog park, ordered my first one and I love it - it also has credit card slots so it’s those times when you just need a phone, ID and card and you’re good to go.

They have different colors and designs available. Another cool feature about this accessory is that you can add on pouches if you need to carry more stuff with you.

It’s really cool, I’ll have the link in the show notes for you to check out. The price point is also really good since it’s around $100 for the strap and case. 

Buy a Bandolier:

Alright, moving on down the list. Another amazing accessory is the Evo Gimbal which is a stabilizer for when you’re shooting video on your phone.

This is the one I have and it’s $89 on Amazon. If you’re shooting a lot of video, then it’s a good choice since it improves the quality of your video so it’s not so shaky. 

Buy Evo Gimbal Stabilizer:

Now, a lot of people ask me how my videos have really good lighting. Well, one I have a window in my office that I use and also, I have a ring light! The one I have is currently $84 on Amazon and if you’re a content creator - you know that lighting is everything.

Again, I’ve used all of these things on this list again and again that they’ve given me a return on investment. 

Buy Neewer Ring Light:

Okay, so one thing that happens to me all the time is that I use my phone a lot to take pictures and to post - that I run out of battery. So for me, I always have a power bank with me, especially when I’m traveling because I’m doing Stories all day.

I charge it while I’m eating or in transit so I’m ready to go when I reach my destination. It’s not a sexy or romantic gift, but trust me, it’s so functional and you will thank me later when you’re not at 5%. 

Buy Power Bank:

And the last gift I’m going to recommend for you are the Apple Airpods. My husband got them for me and I didn’t think I was going to love them. But because they connect via Bluetooth, there are no wires and they charge in the case - they’ve become my go to accessory.

Apple just released the Apple Airpods Pro with built-in noise cancellation so if you’re feeling like splurging you can go for that. 

Buy Apple Airpods:

There you have it, now you have a list that you can use as your personal shopping list to treat yourself, send to your partner, siblings, loved ones so that they can support you in your influencer business instead of buying you stuff you’re not even gonna use. 

That’s it for today’s episode. In the next episode, I’m doing something very special. I have a very special guest coming on, my Instagram husband and my actual husband - well they’re the same person, Luke will be coming on and this is something I’ve never done before.

It will be his first time on the show, he’s a massive introvert so this is gonna be interesting. We’re gonna be talking about how we work together, how he feels being married to an influencer, and he’s gonna say some awesome things about me (right babe? He’s behind me right now). 

So thank you so much for listening to the Spark Show and I’ll see you in the next episode! 

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