Celebrating Wins

Celebrating Wins

the spark show Dec 19, 2019

Hey there, welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I’m going to talk to you about celebrating wins! I’m going to share with you some of my wins this year and why it’s so important to celebrate these wins. 

So first I wanna talk about: what is a win? Sometimes people think this has to be some big, massive thing but really, it’s all about perspective. 

Did you get out of bed this morning? That’s a win! I mean, some people won’t today. They won’t even get up and do anything. Or some people don’t even have a bed. 

Did you get ready, take a shower, brush your teeth? I mean, having hot water on demand, that’s a win right there. I remember being in the Philippines when we didn’t have hot water at my grandfather’s house so it was either boil water or deal with the freezing cold water. 

So maybe you’re seeing a pattern here. What celebration bring is GRATITUDE. And as some of you may know, gratitude gives us the feelings and emotions of happiness and joy. We feel blessed, we feel thankful, we feel happy when we are grateful. 

And the more positive emotions we experience, the more inspired we feel, the more creative. And that’s why I always start with GRATITUDE first thing in the morning during my daily routine. I always write down what I’m grateful for. 

And those things that I’m grateful for are wins! It’s also accomplishments. So today, as I’m recording this, it’s mid-December and we’re at the end of 2019, the end of a decade and I’m not only looking at the wins for this year, but the last 10 years - yes, it’s a lot! A lot can happen in a year and a lot can happen in 10 years. 

It’s so important to celebrate these wins, not to brag about them, but because it puts you in a state of gratitude and joy. And when you share these wins with people, you inspire others and you help them see what’s possible. 

Some people are afraid to share their wins because they’re worried about what other people are gonna say, the judgers and haters. You don’t have to worry about them, they’re always going to say and think negatively - it’s not our job to change that. 

Our job is to show up for those who see our wins and say - “That’s awesome, I wanna do that too.” That’s our only job - to show up and focus on those people who are inspired and are rooting for us. 

There’s a line - “What people say about us is none of our business.” And I wanna add to that, “unless it’s good news and it makes us feel good, everything else is spam.” 

So I wanted to share with you a list of wins for this year so that I can inspire you! Because I know if you’re listening to this, you are open to possibility and abundance. 

And I truly believe that we create our own reality so if you’re seeing someone else doing something, it means you can too. Or that’s it’s coming your way too. 

So here are some of my wins from this year: (these are the big ones) 

I love to travel so all of my trips are all considered wins for me. We went to Hawaii twice. Once for a friend’s bachelorette trip where I got sponsored by Wyndham, Hilton and Hyatt. Then we went back in September and got sponsored by the Four Seasons and flown out by Alaska Airlines. I pitched to them and made the whole thing happen - so that’s a HUGE win!

I also got to spend 12 days in Paris with my brother, had a blast eating amazing food, meeting new friends, doing a photoshoot, and then met my husband in Barcelona and got to see some friends there. We went to Granada, Seville, then went to a friend’s wedding in Mallorca, then spent a few days in Sardinia before we went to Naples and Positano. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Positano and did day trips to Amalfi and Capri. 

We also went to Minneapolis to see my stepdaughter in June and my best friend and her family came along so that was fun! We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge (a water park hotel) and the kids loved it! 

As far as business, we’ve made the most money we’ve ever made in our business this year. Our team is growing and we added two more people to our team. We launched a new program to help influencers launch their first digital offer in 90 days. And we’re focused on providing transformative, intensive coaching programs because that’s what I believe gets the best results. Our live event, The Spark Summit, was more intimate and interactive this year and we really loved that and so did our attendees. 

We also launched this podcast this year and hit New & Noteworthy within a few weeks and we’re getting great feedback from it. 

And I’ve invested a lot of money into courses and programs this year and have doubled, even tripled our revenue because of it. 

Those were some of our massive wins! There’s a lot more but this would be too long of an episode. 

But I also wanted to celebrate ONE big win from this decade: 

I launched my business and left the corporate world for good. I always knew that I wanted to have a business and be my own boss, but I couldn’t have predicted 10 years ago that it would look like this. Instagram didn’t exist until 2010 so that’s proof right there that even though you don’t know HOW it’s going to happen. 

But I did have to make a decision that I wanted to do that. So it’s really important for you to decide if this is what you wanna do. And to stop being in research mode and information-gathering mode. You don’t want another 5 or 10 years to fly by and still not achieve what you want to. 

So right after this episode, I want you to start writing down and celebrating your wins from this year and also this decade. 

And by celebrating it could mean many things: jumping for joy, having a dance party, treating yourself to some shopping or a massage, even saying in the mirror, “Yes, I’m a winner.” Anything that feels like a reward - because we are reward-driven creatures. We respond to that, like in school when I would get a gold star or A+, I love that recognition and oftentimes, we don’t recognize it ourselves enough and give ourselves that pat on the back or “Good job!”. 

So here’s your inspiration, permission, or whatever you need to do so. Remember, people are watching you and you might as well give them a good show! 

That’s it for today’s episode! If you’re liking what you’re hearing on The Spark Show, make sure to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts! I would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for listening and I’ll see you in the next episode! 

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