The Spark Show Episode 59: Hello 2020

Hello 2020

the spark show Dec 23, 2019

Welcome to The Spark Show! OMG...2020 is almost here and I know everyone’s getting excited - planning and thinking about the upcoming New Year. It’s the end of the decade and everyone is excited for a reset, refresh, a new start. 

In today’s episode, I wanna talk about how I plan out my 2020 so you can go through my step-by-step process and start the New Year off right. 

But before I even think about 2020, I can’t start planning or doing anything about the future until I reflect and think about the past. 

Hopefully while you’re listening to this episode, you have a pen and paper handy (you know me, I’m old school and like writing things down into existence). If not, you can go back and listen to it again and pause because this is going to be like a writing workshop because I really want you to go through this before the year ends. I want you to block out at least an hour or two for this exercise. I promise you’re going to feel so good and have so much clarity before you go into 2020. 

Before we look forward, we gotta look back. First at 2019 and then at the whole decade, the past 10 years. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so much fun. 

The reason why I want you to look at all of this is because you’ll see 1) how much you have and can accomplish in a year, and 2) how much you have and can accomplish in 10 years. Because as I’ve said before, this is a long game. 

Building a business, a successful empire, takes time. It can take ten years, but if you take a look, ten years has already passed by. To me, it felt pretty quick! The point is, the time is going to pass no matter what so you might as well be intentional about what you want to achieve and accomplish. 

Alright, so first I want you to have a paper just for 2019. I want you to start writing down everything you’ve accomplished this past year: small wins, big wins, the moments. And next to each one, I want you to write down how it felt. What emotions do you associate with these moments? 

If you’re not driving, you can go ahead and pause here and really take the time to write this out. I like to look back at my calendar and go from January to December, look at what happened each month. You can organize your list like I do or just dump it all on the paper, whatever you want. Remember, you’re the boss and this is your reflection. 

Once you’ve done that, I now want you to have another paper to reflect on your wins of this decade. You can start with the big stuff. Maybe you made a big move, got a new job, graduated, got married, had a baby. And then all the other stuff. It may be hard to go all the way back to 2010, but give yourself some time to write down all the wins from this decade. 

If you listened to Episode 58 where I talk about celebrating wins, then you know that doing this puts you in the attitude of gratitude and you start to really appreciate yourself, those around you and your environment. Doing this will put you in a state of happiness and joy which will really help with inspiration and creativity. 

Sometimes when I do this exercise (okay most of the time), I start crying because I’m filled with this overwhelming sense of gratitude and I think to myself, “WOW, I have such an amazing life - what was I complaining about again?” 

Really taking the time to do this every day has made a huge difference in my life. And you can do it every week, month, year - you don’t have to wait til the end of the decade to do this and be in the state of total gratitude and celebration. 

Now that you have these two lists you can take a look at everything that happened. When it comes to this point, I’m usually like, “Wow I did a lot!” And that’s really the purpose for you to see on paper all the things you were able to do. It gives you a sense of accomplishment. 

Once you’ve listed your wins for 2019 and the decade, I want you to start another paper with two columns. You can draw a line in the middle or you can fold the paper in half. On one side, you’re going to write down what you want more of and what you want less of in 2020. 

For me that looks like, more travel and less work. More money and less crap that I don’t need. So whatever that looks like for you. You can also look at your wins lists and see what you loved about the past years and add that into your MORE list. 

Once you’ve finished your MORE and LESS year, I want you to reverse engineer your 2020. Take out another fresh, blank paper and I want you to imagine that it’s December 31, 2020. The year is done - what?!?!! That was fast, right? Yes, it’s the last day of the year and you accomplished everything you wanted to. It was the best year of your life. 

Now you’re going to write on this paper in past tense, what happened this year, in 2020. You’re going to write it as if it already happened. You’re going to write down what you accomplished, how did it feel to accomplish these things and most importantly, who did you have to BE to do it. 

For example, “This year I grew to 10,000 followers on Instagram. I feel amazing that that 10,000 people wanna hear from me and watch my journey. I feel so inspired to show up every single day. I accomplished this because I decided to be consistent and focus on my business.” 

I want you to give yourself time flush this out for all your goals in each area of your life. Again, as if it already happened. I want you to address this for yourself (including health, travel), relationships/connections, and your business. 

Alright so now that you’ve done this exercise, you now know WHO you have to be to accomplish your goals. This is super important that you associate this with your identity and not your actions. This is the reason why so many people fail and fall off with their resolutions because they think “doing” is the answer, when it’s all about “being.” 

Being the person who accomplishes these goals and takes action. That’s what’s going to move you forward. 

That’s how I plan my 2020. If you want to go even further, once you do this reverse exercise, you can plan out your year by quarter, month, week and day for all the action steps. But make sure you go through this exercise first and associate with the identity of the person who already got this done and achieved all these things. 

I hope that helps you go into 2020 with a head start by reflecting and also going forward as if you’ve already achieved your goals. 

In the next episode, I’m going to be sharing with you my New Year’s resolutions and my tips on how to make sure you do them and give up in a week. Thanks so much for listening to The Spark Show and I will see you in the next one! 

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