How Jasmine Grew Her Digital Empire

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019

Jasmine Ann Shea, also known as ‘JazzyThings,’ is the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned, the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, and the author of over 10 healthy cookbooks. Your Dinner Is Planned is the fastest and most affordable way for busy families to get healthy dinners on the table.

With thousands of healthy recipes introduced into households across the world, Jazzy's continuous mission is to prove that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun!

The Beginning

Jasmine  wasn't in it for fame, money, or followers. "I created an Instagram solely to share my recipes and things that inspired me," Jasmine says "so I can inspire others".


Beginning to Monetize

How did she connect with brands? Jasmine tagged her favorite brands in posts for over a year before they reached out with a paid offer. It's all about building relationships - remember that there's a person behind those accounts.

Fighting Through A Saturated Market

If you set the intention to just be you, you'll differentiate yourself from other bloggers, Jasmine believes. She doesn't use expensive equipment or heavily edit her content - in fact, she shoots most of her content on her phone. 

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Through authentic content, hard work, and remaining true to her passion, Jasmine grew her brand and was able to leave her full-time job. If you want to follow Jasmine's tips and tricks, check out her Instagram!


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