How to Deliver VALUE to Your Audience

How to Deliver VALUE to Your Audience

social media Dec 15, 2018

When it comes to being an influencer, it is so important to provide VALUE to your audience. This is what brands will want to see and will have your followers stick around for.

So what exactly is value? Ask yourself: what kind of content will serve your audience?

If you don't know your audience, then this will be really difficult, right?

Some common ways to provide value to your audience through content is to post tips, how-tos, tutorials, and guides. 

Another way to share content with value is through your personal core values. In my membership program #Sponsored, I teach my students exactly how to get clear on their core values. Once you zero in on these values and know why you do what you do, value in your posts will follow.

What is value NOT?

But providing value does not necessarily mean constant teaching.  Does the content mean something to you? Adding context to the content and why it's important to you is key in adding value.

Consistently providing value is about asking yourself if it will help your audience in some way or provide them with a new perspective.

 Why do brands care about engagement?

Brands want to work with influencers who:

1. Have a connection with their audience 

It shows which influencers really care and are thoughtful about their posts vs those who post just for the sake of posting.

2. Are authentic and really want to help their audience

3. They also want to see how you’re going to integrate their product or service with their brand

If you're already providing content it acts as a case study of how you might be able to integrate their brand into your content.



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