Why Your Aesthetic Matters

social media Nov 28, 2018

The term "aesthetic" seems to be everywhere these days. 

Simply put, an aesthetic is the look and feel of your content. Do you post rainbow colors? Neutral tones only? This is your aesthetic.

What are brands looking for?

So what are brands looking for when searching for influencers to work with? Typically, they look for the three As of Alignment:


Is your audience aligned with the brand? If your audience is similar to the one your brand wants to reach, you're looking good. This is typically one of the FIRST things brands look for in an influencer.


Are YOU as a person aligned with the brand's core values? It's always a great thing when your personality is intertwined with your audience for a unique and authentic spin. It also sets you apart from influencers who promote product solely for the sake of sponsorships - it's not authentic.


 Does your look and feel align with the brand's? Think of how your aesthetic comes across to your audience and to other brands. Edgy, rated-R accounts probably won't be sponsored by Disney.  

The big question: do you need an aesthetic?

If you want to get sponsored by brands and if the brand cares about aesthetic, then yes. But why?

It's a preview of your work

Your aesthetic is a preview of the content you can provide for them and how you'll be representing their brand. If you create an aesthetic with a look and a story, that's more authentic than a plain product photo and much more appealing to brands.


Do you follow any influencers who edit all of their photos with a similar style? You'd recognize their content anywhere - they're consistent.

It's visually appealing

Aren't you more attracted to beautiful photos than blurry, dark photos? Brands are more likely to say YES to a sponsorship if your feed is attractive and well done.


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