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the spark show Oct 07, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! I’m so excited because we made it to episode 100 of The Spark Show! I remember the very first episode, which went out in June of 2019, and it’s been over a year since then and I’m so happy with all the feedback we’re getting from my students and community of how much this podcast has helped them get into the right mindset, get started in their influencer business, grow their audience, monetize with brand deals and even launch their digital offer.

Let me tell you, starting something is always challenging and staying consistent is even more challenging, so if you’re asking yourself if you want to start creating content or be more consistent - I wanna share with you some lessons that I’ve learned. And, the awesome thing about this episode is I’ve asked some of my friends who are influencers to share some life lessons with you, so this is a group episode! First, I’ll be sharing three of my lessons that I’ve learned so far that can help you in your journey of creating and sustaining influence, income and impact. 

Get to Know You 

The first lesson I wanna share is to “Get to Know You.” I know it sounds really simple and basic, but when I ask people, “What do you want?,” a lot of them don’t even know. I want you to actually ask yourself this question and write it down. The thing is, you have to do this regularly - maybe once a month, some people call it setting intentions or goal-setting. But, if you don’t know what you want, how can you even get there? A lot of people don’t take the time to get to know themselves, what they want and what is actually gonna make them happy. So, what do you want? Do you want to only work 3 days a week? Write that down. Do you wanna quit your job and be your own boss? It may not happen right away, most things don’t. But, once you have a destination, you can start planning your journey and the steps you need to get there. Give yourself room to explore what you want. Some people think they wanna have a business and once they do it, they realize they don’t want that. That’s okay! Some people would call that a fail, and some would call it a lesson. The thing is - take the time to find out and be okay with what happens. 

Take Action and Figure it out Later

That leads me to the next lesson - “Take action and figure it out later.” Most people stay stuck in thinking mode, research mode, then it becomes overthinking mode and then procrastination. Then, nothing ever happens. So, one of the biggest lessons that I think has contributed to my success today is making a decision quickly and acting fast. If you wanna put content out there, just plan, shoot and edit. It didn’t do well? Great, now you know. But, you’ll never know if you just sit there and think about it. If you don’t put it out there, you’ll never get feedback. You need to hit publish then get results. You gotta hit send to get a response. So, take action first and then figure out the rest later. Or, you’ll spend years in analysis paralysis like I’ve seen so many people do in the programs I’m in, instead of helping people and making an impact now. 

Take 100% Responsibility

The last lesson I wanna share with you is to “Take 100% Responsibility.” No one is responsible for your success except for you! You get to decide if you’re going to take something as a failure or a lesson. You get to decide if you’re going to make time for your business or not. It’s not Instagram or Facebook or Google’s fault that you don’t have enough followers. All of us started from zero and get to choose how much time we want to invest into our content and community. When you stop playing the victim in your own life story, you can then decide what you want and what actions you’re going to take. Yes, there will be challenges, but the moment you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions, I promise you things start to happen. You realize you get to do what you want, make what you want. You also get to decide what you will not accept and what boundaries you want to put in place. You get to step into your power and you will realize that you can do whatever you want. It will take time, but you can get there if you really want to. 

So now, I wanna hand it off to a few of my friends and fellow influencers including Erika De La Cruz, Bree Jenkins, Brittany Krystle, Brittany Noelle and Arianna Thomopoulos to share some of their life lessons with you!


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