5 Reasons You Should Invest in a $997 Program for Influencers

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a $997 Program for Influencers

social media Dec 08, 2018

There’s a lot of information out there. You can pretty much find anything out on Google, YouTube, reddit, and other sites. The thing is, when you watch a video or read a blog post that’s it - it’s just information. Most people can process a lot of information but what happens afterward? If you do nothing with what you learn, that’s exactly what’s going to happen - NOTHING.

Implementation is key

So why do people buy premium online courses and programs when they can just spend time watching YouTube videos and Google-ing everything? It’s because usually these programs come with a system to apply and implement that information. It comes with videos, trainings, and tutorials (which is like the book/manual), coaching calls, a group for support and accountability (which is like the classes and workshops you attend). And when you buy a program, it comes with a promise.

Let’s talk about a promise that a brand makes when they’re selling their products. For examples, when you buy a car from the dealership - it comes with a warranty. It may cost more but there’s a promise attached to the car that if something goes wrong that they will fix or replace it. Same thing with brands - let’s talk about high-end designer purses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, or  Dior. When you buy a bag from their store, you pay a premium price because they’re promising that it’s not going to break in a year, a month, or ever. In fact, most of them have a lifetime guarantee that they’ll fix anything if it has something to do with the manufacturing. Now if you get the bag wet or damage the bag on your own - that’s all you. Same with the car, if you drive it into a swimming pool, their not really going to cover that - that’s why you have insurance. And even then - they’ll only do that if it’s an accident.

 The program is constantly evolving

My program #SPONSORED gives you lifetime access to the trainings and what that means is that you get lifetime access to the books/manuals. Books usually have first editions and so on, you would get access to every upgrade of this program. In addition to having the materials, you’ll get one year of monthly group coaching calls. Why? Because I want you to get through the program and have the support while you’re going through it. Think of it like a monthly class or workshop that you go to for questions and feedback as you’re going through the trainings. If you just had a book, you can’t ask the author a question. (I mean you probably can by emailing them or the publisher, but you won’t know if you’ll get a response.) Also when you’re done reading the book, what system do you have in place to make sure you’re applying and implementing?

 It's a complete system

That’s the reason why you would invest in a $1000 program, because it’s not just a course or book or manual. It’s a complete system for you to learn, apply and implement. And not only that, but I actually care about you completing the program and achieving success. My promise is that if you go through the trainings, apply it, implement it and do the work, you’ll get results. I can’t tell you how long it takes, because it depends on a lot of things - what content you’re putting out there, your brand and audience.

I can’t guarantee results because as much as I would like to, I can’t force you to do the work. I can’t make you login to the trainings and go through them AND implement it. BUT I can tell you that I will do whatever is in my power to help. This means I can coach you on the calls, in the Facebook group community and provide you tools to make things easier.

 There are custom tools you can't get anywhere else

I provide a monthly editorial calendar to my students and we just added daily caption that they can pretty much just copy, paste and personalize with free stock photo recommendations so no one has excuses to not post every day. My husband also created a custom tool called Hashtag Hacker to help you get the best hashtags for every post - so you’re not using the same ones over and over again. These tools are free for students of my program because I know what they need and what will make life easier.

So not only do you get the program and the tools, but you also get to take the shortcut and learn from someone who’s been doing this for over 4 years and has worked with some of the biggest brands out there. I share all my learnings and experiences with my students.

 Do you take your business seriously?

Now a lot of people will say: "$1000 or $100/month, that’s a lot!" That’s probably because they’re not at a point where they’re taking their influencer biz seriously. If you have decided to start a business, you know that there are going to have to put in an investment for it. My program is only for influencers who are ready to get serious about this and invest in their influencer biz. It’s a one year commitment so that you can really ask yourself if you’re going to be doing this a year from now, and not just look at it as a hobby.



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