The 5 Step Framework to Get Sponsored by Brands

The 5 Step Framework to Get Sponsored by Brands

influencers monetization Nov 07, 2018

Without brands, influencers wouldn't have opportunities to make money. If you are SERIOUS about your brand and want to create a sustainable income, it's important that you create relationships with brands. 

Here is my 5 step framework to attract brands to reach out to YOU for partnerships.

Step 1: Profile

Do you know who your audience is? If not, you're not ready to work with brands. It's important to become crystal clear on exactly WHO your audience is, their average age, their location, their interests, otherwise brands won't see the advantage of working with you if they're not sure they're marketing to the right audience.

Step 2: Position

Who are you as a brand? What do you stand for? It's vital to define your brand and how you present yourself to brands.

Step 3: Plan 

As an influencer, your #1 goal is to provide VALUE to your audience. If it doesn't help your audience - don't post it! Did you try out a product that you hated and was a waste of money? Don't promote it to your audience. 

Content consistency is also important to brands. Post regularly to show that you are active and engaged with your audience. Why would a brand work with an influencer who's inactive?

Step 4: Present

Be prepared to present yourself as an influencer when brands reach out to you. 

Your portfolio is like a resume for influencers. The three essential elements of a portfolio are:

Media Kit

Your essential stats and analytics. Where is your audience located? What is your audience's average age? This is super important for brands to know who they're marketing to.

Rate Card

A rate card is like a menu of services you provide along with pricing.

Case Studies

This is what will set you apart from the crowd - examples of your past work.

Step 5: Pitch

Take action and reach out to brands.

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