4 Tips from Fitness Influencer Jacquie Umof

4 Tips from Fitness Influencer Jacquelyn Umof

social media Dec 22, 2018

Jacquelyn Umof is a former LA Laker Girl turned yogi - Action Jacquelyn is one of the biggest yoga influencers online. Known for her stunning poses, positive messaging and beautiful photography, Jacquelyn engages her fans through her "Get Stretchy" program. Jacquelyn's vision is the heal the world through daily rituals of movement and positive mindset that take 15 minutes or less.

Jacquelyn reaches millions through her huge instagram audience, her subscribers on YouTube and on her wildly popular interactive blog. Her fans love her 1-week challenges, daily motivations and infinite tools for mental and physical strength, growth, and improvement. Jacquelyn is a classically trained ballerina from a very young age, and has danced professionally for LINES Ballet, and went on to be USC Song Girl, Clipper Girl, then Laker Girl. She is currently certified in Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Breathing, Reformer Pilates, Barre, Personal Training, and Ergonomics. 

Practice Mindfulness

One of the things that Jacquelyn Umof always makes sure to practice is mindfulness. Even though she accomplished so much early on in her career, she was always concerned with what was happening next. She never felt like she was truly present - and that is a recipe for never feeling happy or fulfilled. 

Never Lose Sight of Your WHY

Even with 475,000 followers on Instagram, Jacquelyn still loves to see her readers inspired by what she posts. This is a great lesson for all influencers who feel stuck in a rut or not sure of their next steps - you can always travel back to why you began in the first place.

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Stay True to Your Brand

"I have never posted about a product I didn't believe in", says Jacquelyn. Even though a brand she didn't love offered her a TON of money - she didn't take it. Moves like this are what keep her feed authentic.

When it comes to multiple sponsorships? "I believe in not saturating my feed with product," she says. Promoting a select few products that you truly believe in is the key to a successful feed.  

Stand Out from the Crowd

With Instagram on the rise and more and more influencers joining the market, how does Jacquelyn stand out from the crowd? She thinks: "Would I want to follow me?". It's all about sharing your story vulnerably - Jacquelyn never shies away from sharing her journey or creating content she believes in.  

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