What Do Brands Look For When Working With Influencers

What Do Brands Look For When Working with Influencers


Working with brands as an influencer isn't as easy as posting pretty photos and using the right hashtags.

Every time you choose to share a pic, you are either attracting media buyers and their budget, or you are making them turn away and email someone else.

Want to be the person who gets the deals and makes real money by sharing content online? 

In this post, I will be sharing: 

- The top 3 things brands look for when working with influencers
- WHY your IG bio needs to change if you want brands to reach out to you
- What is an influencer portfolio and why you need one

Let's get started!

Your Instagram Bio Needs to Be Crystal Clear

The first thing you need to think about when you are creating your Instagram profile is your bio! Yes, that little section underneath your name can make or break your chance at a brand deal.

Within five to ten seconds of someone (whether that is a potential follower or a media buyer looking to collaborate) that person should know EXACTLY who you are, where you are from, where you share your content and how to contact you.

And it should be crystal clear. When we say that, we mean that you should narrow it down so the brand knows exactly who you are, which in turn tells them what your followers are into. Since they are likely looking to target a very specific audience, they need to know the specifics about you.  

Your location is important because a lot of the cool free events you could be going to are based on where you live. If they can't immediately see you are a content creator based in whatever city, they won't even consider inviting you. And while they may not pay you to go to these events, its still an amazing opportunity to grab cool content, and network! 

And remember: your Instagram bio also acts as SEO on your profile. Make sure you are using key words you would want to be found under when someone is searching!


Another incredibly important thing that brands look for is if you are sharing and connecting to your audience in an authentic way. How can they really tell? Engagement! This is the key.

When you post, is your audience responding? Do you comment back when they do? Is there a dialogue happening in the comment section that shows a true connection? 

Also, is your content true to who you claim to be? Don't just do what everyone else is doing. You need to stay true to yourself and post the things that you feel your audience will love. They are counting on you to share with them the things you truly believe in and love! And brands want to see this as well. The number one question we always ask: is this providing value to my audience? If the answer is yes, then you are working in an authentic way and you will attract more opportunities! 


Posting every day, and commenting every day is so important. You can't skip this step when you are building your business online. Brands want to see that you are consistently engaged and providing value to your audience. I recommend that my students post daily, and many of them are already getting brand deals with less than 5000 followers on Instagram! It IS possible.  

Imagine you are a media buyer. You have a budget and you are looking to work with influencers that have an audience interested in, let's say, mom life. If they go to your profile, and you haven't posted in days, they are going to immediately think you aren't actively engaging with your audience, and will likely skip over you for consideration. This is a job. They want to see that you are doing your job on a consistent basis, and that if they hire you, they are going to get in front of your audience!

And don't forget to post in your stories Instagram! This is a great way to show even MORE of the content that you would be able to produce for a brand if they paid you, and a sure fire way to connect to your audience. And you can add it to your rate card!


This is one of the most important things you should be thinking about when getting your profile brand ready. Are you posting high quality, well thought out pictures, or are you just throwing up anything to get your daily post in? 

Brands want to see that you put time and effort into the content you are creating. They want to see a consistent color palette, a vibe of who you are, they want to see that you care about what you are creating, and that if they paid you, you would provide them that same quality of content! 

Plus, if it's between you and the influencer posting high quality images, they are going to hire the other person. Don't let that happen! Work with photographers. Lots of people want to collaborate, or are starting out and don't charge huge prices yet. Do the research. Find someone local. Or use your smartphone in ways that get you high quality images. 

You Need to Have an Influencer Portfolio 

When a brand first reaches out, or you are pitching to them, they need to have snapshot ideas of who you are, and who you reach. These are one sheets that can give them a quick glance at your potential as a partner. 

In my system, I suggest that my students have three things to send to brands when they ask for more information, which I refer to as an influencer portfolio: a media kit, a rate card, and a case studies document. 

Why all three? It sets you apart from other people who are just sending media kits, and it gives the media buyer proof of what you can provide them if they decided to hire you. 

In the end, brands just want to work with people who are showing up every day, and doing a great job.

They want to know when they partner with you, that you will provide them with great and quality content, that has your special spin on it and will resonate with your audience.  



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