Why Mindset Is so Important for Influencers

Why Mindset Is so Important for Influencers

Is your mindset holding you back?

Until you take 100% responsibility for your success, you will never achieve it. What are you doing to build your brand and to grow your following? What steps are you taking? Posting is not enough, it’s never been enough. So if you’re waiting for things to happen, chances are they’re not.

There are three HUGE MISTAKES that influencers make that hold them back from reaching their full potential: 

#1 Believing you need TONS of followers in order to work with brands.

There are students in my courses with under 10k who have booked PAID sponsorships with brands More likely, you need to gain clarity on your brand. 

#2 Facing the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Have you ever thought:

"Who am I to do this?" 

"Why is my story worth telling"

If you're letting fear block you - it will always be a "no". What have you got to lose?

#3 Treating Your Brand as a Hobby and Not A Business

This is why it’s important to practice MINDFULNESS on a daily basis. You can easily fall into the black hole of fear. Some ways to practice mindfulness:

  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Listening to Podcasts

So how do I practice mindfulness? 

Start a daily mindfulness practice - this is not just going to benefit your business but your life in general. You will start seeing things in a new way.

When you start feeling the fear and the self-doubt, stop and ask yourself - is this real? Are these facts? Step into AWARENESS

And then SHIFT by asking yourself, what would happen if I don’t do this?

What is possible if I do this?

In my program #SPONSORED, I have a full module dedicated to The Influencer Mindset because...I get it. There’s so many things you have to deal with as an influencer, an entrepreneur, someone who shows up and is in the public eye - there will be negativity, haters and trolls. And the challenge is how to overcome it so that you can help other people and make an impact.


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