How to Make Time to Be an Influencer

How to Make Time to Be an Influencer

social media Nov 29, 2018

I hear this all the time.

“I don’t have enough time.”

And the thing is, we know there is a set number of hours in a day.  We already put aside the time for our priorities, like work, family, eating, etc.

And that’s the key word right there - “priorities.” We make time for what’s important to us.

So if you’re starting and growing a business (in this case, your influencer platforms) is that important to you right now? Because if it isn’t, you’re always going to find that you don’t have the time for it. Not now, not ever - until you make it a priority.

You hear stories all the time about entrepreneurs who work before work, after work, on the weekends, when their kids are asleep. When everyone is out having fun they’re working on their business. They've made it a priority.

If being healthy is important to you, then you’ll make time to make healthy meals and exercise. If learning a new skill is important then you will make the time for it.

So the real reason why you’re probably not putting time into your influencer biz right now is because it’s not important enough to you, it’s not a priority. So this is something you’re really going to have to decide.

Because things are not going to happen on their own, without taking action. If you think you can just do this, half-ass and post whenever and you still expect to get sponsored, you’re going to be very disappointed.

It’s going to take time and effort.

Your Game Plan

So if you do decide to create a successful influencer biz - what do you have to do?  It’s simple. Do the work, get the results.

This means taking action every single day.

It means making it a priority and allocating time for it in your day.  

It means choosing to sacrifice things like watching Netflix and going out on Friday nights. How many shows have you watched in the past month? Now think about how many hours could you have spent building a business that would allow you the freedom to quit your job, be your own boss, travel the world.

Changing Your Mindset 

What time investment would you be willing to put in if you KNEW you were going to be successful? This is the mindset that you should be operating at NOW.

I will make time for my business.

I am successful in everything that I do. You might be thinking, "wait no I'm not!" but look at how far you've come - you ARE successful.

My business will allow me the freedom to quit my job, be my own boss, travel the world, provide for my family…now who's ready to sort out their priorities?



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