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Are You Stuck at 555 Followers On Instagram? Here's Why!


 In this video, I’ll be sharing:

  • Why your follower number is STUCK on Instagram and it seems like it’s impossible to grow your account no matter what you do
  • What you need to do to get UNSTUCK and how to get real, organic Instagram followers that can’t wait to see your next post
  • How to get to 10k followers FAST and why this is the number where the magic happens

Here’s what you may be experiencing, let me know if this sounds familiar: You’re posting and scrolling, but your follower count is not going anywhere. It goes up a little then goes down a lot. It can feel like you’re going backwards. You’re using hashtags but you’re not sure if it’s working and you’re lucky if you get a few comments on your post.

Here’s what you want to be experiencing: You’re posting high-quality content consistently and you’re growing your following everyday...

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How to Conquer Your Content

social media Jan 24, 2019

Is creating content a HUGE pain point for you? Creating the content for all your platforms, posting consistently, and keeping the quality up - who has the time?

We've all been there. The content overwhelm is a very real problem. Content creation is supposed to be FUN, right? Getting inspired, working with graphics, honing our photo skills - it feels AWESOME to create! So why is it that planning out a social media schedule feels like a huge chore?

Don't worry - there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Here are strategies to get out of the slump and back into the content creation groove: 

Why Content Creation is Important

There are lots of schools of thought on content creation. Do you need to post daily? Are weekly scheduled blog posts important for growth? What does the ever-elusive Instagram algorithm want with us? 

In our experience, a consistent posting schedule is the way to go.

So why do we hear that we have to be posting daily content and have a consistent...

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How Jasmine Grew Her Digital Empire

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2019

Jasmine Ann Shea, also known as ‘JazzyThings,’ is the founder of Your Dinner Is Planned, the host of the Dinner Table Talk podcast, and the author of over 10 healthy cookbooks. Your Dinner Is Planned is the fastest and most affordable way for busy families to get healthy dinners on the table.

With thousands of healthy recipes introduced into households across the world, Jazzy's continuous mission is to prove that eating healthy is easy, flavorful, and fun!

The Beginning

Jasmine  wasn't in it for fame, money, or followers. "I created an Instagram solely to share my recipes and things that inspired me," Jasmine says "so I can inspire others".


Beginning to Monetize

How did she connect with brands? Jasmine tagged her favorite brands in posts for over a year before they reached out with a paid offer. It's all about building relationships - remember that there's a person behind those accounts.

Fighting Through A Saturated Market

If you set...

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4 Tips from Fitness Influencer Jacquelyn Umof

social media Dec 22, 2018

Jacquelyn Umof is a former LA Laker Girl turned yogi - Action Jacquelyn is one of the biggest yoga influencers online. Known for her stunning poses, positive messaging and beautiful photography, Jacquelyn engages her fans through her "Get Stretchy" program. Jacquelyn's vision is the heal the world through daily rituals of movement and positive mindset that take 15 minutes or less.

Jacquelyn reaches millions through her huge instagram audience, her subscribers on YouTube and on her wildly popular interactive blog. Her fans love her 1-week challenges, daily motivations and infinite tools for mental and physical strength, growth, and improvement. Jacquelyn is a classically trained ballerina from a very young age, and has danced professionally for LINES Ballet, and went on to be USC Song Girl, Clipper Girl, then Laker Girl. She is currently certified in Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Breathing, Reformer Pilates, Barre, Personal Training, and...

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How to Get #Sponsored by Brands as an Influencer

We are fresh off the heels of this year's #sparksummit, and we learned a LOT about the industry! Our industry panel revealed some insider secrets of how they find influencers, what they look for in an Instagram feed, and what happens once they want to work with you.

How brands look for influencers and how to get found

They look through hashtags, locations, and sometimes even Google. Another key to being found: have your e-mail address in your Instagram bio!

The 3 Things Brands Look For in Your Instagram Feed


Brands can tell if you're really passionate about your brand or if you're just in it for the likes.


Your aesthetic is the general look and feel of your feed.


Brands may be checking out your page, but they're also looking at your audience. This is ultimately who they will they

WHAT actually happens when they want to work with you

If a brand e-mails you - great! You're halfway there. However, you can't assume you're the only influencer they've...

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How to Deliver VALUE to Your Audience

social media Dec 15, 2018

When it comes to being an influencer, it is so important to provide VALUE to your audience. This is what brands will want to see and will have your followers stick around for.

So what exactly is value? Ask yourself: what kind of content will serve your audience?

If you don't know your audience, then this will be really difficult, right?

Some common ways to provide value to your audience through content is to post tips, how-tos, tutorials, and guides. 

Another way to share content with value is through your personal core values. In my membership program #Sponsored, I teach my students exactly how to get clear on their core values. Once you zero in on these values and know why you do what you do, value in your posts will follow.

What is value NOT?

But providing value does not necessarily mean constant teaching.  Does the content mean something to you? Adding context to the content and why it's important to you is key in adding value.

Consistently providing value is about...

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3 Reasons You Should Not Call Yourself a Social Media Influencer

influencer social media Dec 08, 2018

How do you introduce yourself? Do you say that you're a social media influencer? It turns out, if you're doing this you may actually be cutting yourself off at the knees. Here are a few reasons why calling yourself a social media influencer can limit your growth:

You don't own your channel

What do you think of when someone says "social media"?

Probably Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...basically channels you can have a presence on.

Here's the thing - you don't OWN those channels. There are a lot of things that can happen to your profiles when you use social media platforms:

1. They can change terms and conditions

2. They can close your account whenever they please

3. They can show your content to whomever they want

If you own a domain name and have your own website, you own your platform. In media, they call this O&O - owned and operated. Your content belongs to you - no platform can decide to delete all of your hard work. This is a great way to ensure the longevity of...

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5 Reasons You Should Invest in a $997 Program for Influencers

social media Dec 08, 2018

There’s a lot of information out there. You can pretty much find anything out on Google, YouTube, reddit, and other sites. The thing is, when you watch a video or read a blog post that’s it - it’s just information. Most people can process a lot of information but what happens afterward? If you do nothing with what you learn, that’s exactly what’s going to happen - NOTHING.

Implementation is key

So why do people buy premium online courses and programs when they can just spend time watching YouTube videos and Google-ing everything? It’s because usually these programs come with a system to apply and implement that information. It comes with videos, trainings, and tutorials (which is like the book/manual), coaching calls, a group for support and accountability (which is like the classes and workshops you attend). And when you buy a program, it comes with a promise.

Let’s talk about a promise that a brand makes when they’re selling their...

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How Much Money Should You Charge as an Influencer?

monetization social media Dec 01, 2018

If you're serious about your business, you can make serious money as an influencer. You've created beautiful content, your influencer is portfolio is ready to go - but how do you know how much money to charge? 

What are brands actually paying for?

Brands are paying for advertising. As influencers, we are advertisers. Brands are paying to get their product in front of our audience, just as they would if they paid a TV station to run a commercial. As an influencer, your audience is your product. This is why it's SO important to be crystal clear on your audience. 

The difference here is that influencers already have a connection with their audience - they already know, like and trust the influencer. This is why influencers can charge a premium - it's an endorsement to a higher-quality audience.

Standard benchmark rates for posts

The standard benchmark is around $100 per 10,000 followers on Instagram. This means that if you get a brand sponsorship, you can expect to...

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How to Make Time to Be an Influencer

social media Nov 29, 2018

I hear this all the time.

“I don’t have enough time.”

And the thing is, we know there is a set number of hours in a day.  We already put aside the time for our priorities, like work, family, eating, etc.

And that’s the key word right there - “priorities.” We make time for what’s important to us.

So if you’re starting and growing a business (in this case, your influencer platforms) is that important to you right now? Because if it isn’t, you’re always going to find that you don’t have the time for it. Not now, not ever - until you make it a priority.

You hear stories all the time about entrepreneurs who work before work, after work, on the weekends, when their kids are asleep. When everyone is out having fun they’re working on their business. They've made it a priority.

If being healthy is important to you, then you’ll make time to make healthy meals and exercise. If learning a new skill is...

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