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How to Pitch Yourself to Podcasts featuring Mai-Kee Tsang

the spark show Mar 17, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! On this episode, we are talking to launch strategist and podcast PR expert, Mai-kee Tsang all about how to pitch yourself to be a guest on podcasts! 

Mai-kee specializes in building loyal and engaged audiences for purpose driven entrepreneurs. This is to aid them when they are ready to launch their online courses, group coaching programs, and membership sites.

She does this by helping her clients land brand aligned podcast interviews as a guest expert to create - what she calls - Value-Driven Visibility™.

In this episode, we discuss: 

- What you should always have in your pitch email when reaching out to podcasts 

- What NOT to do when you want to be a guest 

- Why it's a great way to get your message out there

and so much more!

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5 Influencers Mistakes to Avoid

the spark show Mar 09, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you the 5 influencer mistakes to avoid that I’ve seen a lot of people make and that I’ve made myself. 

If this is the first time we’re connecting, my name is Gwen Lane and I help influencers build their brand, grow their following, and monetize their influence. I have a 12-year digital marketing background and have been monetizing as an influencer for 5 years and I love sharing what I’ve learned while building a multiple six-figure business as a travel and lifestyle influencer. 

Mistake #1.Follower-Obsession

This is a big one. Everyone is obsessed with the numbers and the thing is it matters but it also doesn’t matter. If you go into this business with the goal to get millions of followers, it’s a very different energy than going into this business to help people. 

If you were able to help one thousand people, would that be significant for you? But then when...

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Public Relations 101 with Courtney Love Gavin

the spark show Mar 02, 2020

In this episode of The Spark Show, we're talking to our friend, old colleague and PR expert, Courtney Love Gavin!

Courtney Love Gavin, creator of Who’s That Housewife!? and co-founder of I Can Spell PR, is an award-winning public relations professional on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs grow their influence and income with PR.

With 15+ years of experience leading PR for the world’s most admired companies, her PR expertise has been praised by Forbes, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and People. She’s a proud member of the Female Founder Collective and is obsessed with championing PR that's a powerful, persuasive and genuine expression of your brand! 

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Why it's important to make a lasting impression on people
  • How everyone can get press, even if they don't have an agency behind them 
  • Why influencers NEED to be thinking about press

PLUS, she has a free gift for all of our Spark Show listeners: ...

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How to Work With Brands You Love

the spark show Feb 24, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we're talking about what you REALLY need to do to be an influencer in 2020. 

Do you want to work with brands? And not just any brand, but ones that you really love?

In today's episode of The Spark Show, we discuss:

- The 3 questions to ask yourself re: working with brands
- The 2 things you need to be doing right now to attract these brands
- What to do BEFORE you even reach out to these brands

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Start with Self Love featuring Bree Jenkins

the spark show Feb 17, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we're talking to Los Angeles based Dating Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Bree Jenkins.
Her brand The Gathered Life, offers counseling and coaching services, and hosts dating workshops and international yoga retreats at luxury boutique locations to help busy professionals relax, restore, reconnect, and rejuvenate. 

She specializes in helping people become empowered and break negative dating patterns. Bringing over twelve years of expertise as a private practice therapist and dating coach, she uses her skills to help clients clarify ideal compatible characteristics in partners, identify key behaviors to improve, form a plan of action to increase chances of meeting matches, and discovering and implementing ways to transform their love lives.

 Bree has helped numerous clients of all backgrounds into happy marriages,relationships, and in finding healthier empowered romantic lives. 


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Navigating Influencer Dating & Relationships featuring The Spicy Life

the spark show Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we're talking to relationship expert Spicy Mari.
Spicy is the CEO & Founder of The Spicy Life. As a Relationship Expert, Spicy Mari has dedicated her life's work to encouraging singles and couples to communicate and connect more effectively by incorporating passion and adventure back into their interpersonal relationships.
Raw and uncensored in her matchmaking approach Spicy Mari has been featured on E! Daily Pop, Access Live, VH1's Basketball WivesBuzzFeed, Essence Magazine, Soul Pancake, Tastemade, OWN NETWORK’s Don’t Tell The Bride, The Ricky Lake Show, and her DashRadio as a recurring dating coach and matchmaker. 
Spicy Mari's desire to understand the way in which men and women communicate, started in her adolescence and led her to obtain a degree in Mass Communications from the University of California, Berkeley. Discovering her life's purpose was to not only help people find...
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How to Be a Successful Microinfluencer Featuring Kalpana Ravulapati

the spark show Feb 03, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In today's episode, we're talking to one of our top students, Kalpana Ravulapati of Koco Travels & Kalpana about getting PAID brand deals with only 1300 followers. Yup. It can happen.
Whenever we talk about becoming an influencer, it's inevitable that someone says that they 'don't have enough followers to do it.
But if you've been around here long enough, you know by now that your follower count is just a small portion of what it takes to monetize your influence.
In this episode, we discuss: 
  • Why investing in coaching is important
  • How mindset plays into your success
  • Why the following you have isn't the biggest part of being a successful influencer

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Changing Your Mental Blueprint with Fernanda Lind

the spark show Jan 27, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we're talking to Fernanda Lind all about how you can change your mental blueprint!

Fernanda works with corporations, entrepreneurs and leaders on how to change their psychology and dial in their mindset so that they can reach higher levels of performance and revenue.

She holds two master’s degrees (An MBA and a Masters in Dance)and with a long career in the financial markets, managing a billion dollar portfolio, she understands high pressure and a high-stakes environment.

Having also a background as a professional dancer and having received Sweden’s biggest scholarship for young dancers Fernanda also has extensive experience in performing and presenting at the highest level.

She’s the host of Wired to Win Podcast and you can find her at

In this episode we discuss...

  • Change your life through mindfulness
  • Why influencers need to practice it everyday 
  • Simple tips to change your mindset to bring...
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How to Keep Up With Your Resolutions Featuring Brittany Noelle

the spark show Jan 20, 2020

Welcome to The Spark Show!

It's the New Year and everyone has good health on the mind, so we wanted to talk to one of our students, favorite fitness coaches and influencer, Brittany Noelle!

Brittany Noelle is a certified personal trainer and health coach. She has a B.S in Physiological Science from UCLA, and she’s a Bruin student athlete alumni, having competed as a sprinter on their Track & Field team. When it comes to personal training, Brittany likes to say that she does

“fitness that fits you!” Meaning, she prides herself in creating personalized workouts tailored to your needs. She has a passion for helping people reach their goals while staying healthy and injury free.

She shares her passion for health and fitness through her digital platforms as a successful fitness and lifestyle influencer. She also runs the Strong-N-Fit blog and Facebook community where she shares information on incorporating fitness into your...

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How to Build Your Influence with a Podcast featuring Sasha Huff

the spark show Jan 13, 2020


Welcome to The Spark Show! In this episode, we're talking to our producer, Sasha Huff, about building your influence with podcasting! 

Sasha is a 10 year radio veteran who now helps people launch their shows. She LOVES story telling and audio and using podcasting to spread a message. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Why everyone should have a podcast
  • What it's like to be an entrepreneur in the digital space 
  • How audio is helping people build their influence. 

PLUS! She shares everything about her new course: The Podcasting Bootcamp with Sasha Huff, where she's taking you from idea to fully launched show in just 60 days!

Listen to the full episode here:




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