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How to Pitch to Brands and Get Collabs and Sponsorships

collab instagram sponsored May 24, 2019

 Are you posting to your social media channels, creating great content and want to get to the point of working with brands either through collaborations or fully paid sponsorships? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! 

But wait. There's a process. There's SO much more to it than just reaching out to your dream brands and hoping they will want to work with you. There are steps you have to take BEFORE you even start pitching. Don't make the mistakes that so many influencers make by jumping into pitch emails before doing the other work. 

If you're ready to really prepare to be a paid influencer, check out our 5 step process that will get you on the road to YES! 

Today we're sharing the Spark Pitch Process, a 5 step guide to getting you #Sponsored. Now, the first three tips may feel familiar because its the same as our Spark Attraction Method, but it's because all of this applies when you are getting ready to pitch to your favorite brands. 

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