Monetization for content creators and influencers

How to Get Started as An Influencer

Maybe you've fallen in love with Instagram and want to start your own brand, or your small blog is starting to take off. If you’re just getting started as an influencer, you need to follow a path that will set you up for success.

What is an Influencer?

The term "Influencer" gets mentioned a lot these days - but what does it mean? Simply put, an influencer is someone who has an INFLUENCE over their audience. There is no set number of followers/how big your audience has to be in order to qualify as an influencer - it's a game of quality vs quantity.

The #1 myth you need to stop believing right now if you want to be an influencer

The biggest myth that beginners believe is that it is all about the number of followers an influencer has - not true! This is a case of QUALITY over QUANTITY. Brands are looking for an audience that is authentic, engaged, connected, and more likely to take action when an influencer recommends a product or event. There is a reason that micro...

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5 Ways to Make Money as an Influencer

I love talking about influencers making money because it is hard work! Some people think it’s all about taking selfies or photos all the time and it’s a lot more than that. Here, I'm going to share with you the top 5 ways that you can make money as an influencer!


You can make money as an influencer by advertising products and services on your platform. This includes Google Adsense on your blog, enabling ads on your YouTube channel, and working with brands to create sponsored content on your social media platforms.

You can start making money right away with Google Adsense to your blog but you’ll need to be getting a certain amount of traffic. For YouTube, you have to have a minimum of 10,000 views before you can start monetizing.

Brands like to work with influencers that have an audience, so it’s best to build and grow your following FAST to start making money through Advertising. 

 Affiliate Marketing

This is when you make...

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How to Work with Brands as an Influencer and Get Paid to Do it

brands monetize Jan 07, 2018

One of the many ways an influencer can make money is by working with brands.  Here are my top strategies on how to work with brands as an influencer and get paid to do it. 

I've also included a free Work with Brands guide and cheatsheets for you to download after you read this post! 

An influencer is someone who has a following or an audience.

And your audience is something that a brand wants to get access to and in front of.

Let’s say you’re a beauty influencer and you have 50,000 followers. There are beauty brands out there that want to reach your audience!

If they’re a new brand, instead of them growing their own following, they can hire you instead to promote their brand to your audience.

This is called influencer marketing and it’s a very effective strategy that many brands are using right now.

Not only do they reach your audience, but they’re also getting you to “endorse” their products because you’re promoting...

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