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Ready to monetize your influence to seven figures?  

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Hey influencer! Does this sound familiar?

  • You love creating content and you know you can make an impact on others BUT you're struggling to make enough money to do this full-time 
  • You're working hard but you're not getting paid what you want and you're not sure how you're going to get to six figures with brand deals alone
  • You're at a job that doesn't fulfill you and you're looking for a way to replace your salary so that you can spend your time doing what you love with who you love
  • You have a dream of helping people in a MASSIVE way but you can't see how to realistically make it happen with what you have in place right now
  • You've tried to make progress by yourself, maybe even launched something to your audience but it's not bringing in the revenue you want to be making in your business

If any of these statements have you thinking, " Gwen, how did you read my mind?" then keep going - you're in the right place because I used to be EXACTLY where you are!

Now, take a deep breath and imagine what it would be like if...

  • You could be generating $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $8,000, even $10,000 or more in your business every single month through multiple revenue streams
  • You were able to quit your job (if you wanted to) and have the freedom to travel, be home with your kids, spend your time doing what you love
  • You have a plan, strategy, system in place to meet your revenue goals every month while serving your audience on a deeper level
  • You provide incredible value to your clients and customers that they're raving about how you helped them and changed their life
  • You're finally seeing a return on your efforts and making a huge impact on your clients and customers, your audience, and yourself

You could be living the life of purpose, abundance, and success that you've always dreamed of...

What if I told you there are EXACT strategies to follow to get these results? Hi, I'm Gwen Lane!

I started my lifestyle and travel blog in 2015 before influencer marketing was even a thing.

I've worked with the biggest brands out there like Disney, Facebook, Google, American Airlines, Target, Starbucks and more - I kept getting asked the same questions from my audience: how do I get paid brand deals? 

I realized that getting one-off brand deals was NOT sustainable and that it was better for both me and the brand to have long-term partnerships. I reworked my strategy and mindset to start charging more and brands said YES.

I also knew that as much as I loved brand deals, they weren't scalable so I launched my digital offers - I started with one-on-one strategy sessions, then group workshops, then courses and memberships. 

Successful creators, influencers and entrepreneurs know that multiple revenue streams are a MUST to get to six figures, seven figures and beyond. 


With bigger brand partnerships & launching digital offers...

I was able to decide which brands to partner with (to be honest, I only wanted to do a few per month anyways), say NO to projects that didn't feel good to me, and I found a sustainable way to generate revenue consistently in my business that made a massive impact. 

For the past three years, I've been able to help over 5,000 people grow their following, build their brand and monetize their channels. 

Some have even quit their jobs, made thousands and thousands of dollars, but more importantly now have the freedom to travel, spend time with their loved ones, and do what they love. 

And the best part? I've started helping other creators become CEOs by launching their digital offers strategically to their audience without being "sales-y", while staying true to their brand and helping their audience on a deeper level by using my exact framework. 


SEVEN FIGURE INFLUENCER is a 12-month online business program where we: 

  • Go beyond one-off brand deals and turn them into long-term paid partnerships
  • Create your digital offers from scratch or refine your current ones
  • Sell your one-on-one services to validate your offer, monetize quickly and get testimonials 
  • Launch and sell your group sessions that you can do live and eventually sell 24/7
  • Build your digital offer library of downloads, products, courses, or memberships

You will be in a group with other impact-driven creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs ready for the next level in their journey to create a sustainable business of influence. 

You'll be on an accelerated path with weekly strategy calls, critiques and feedback, and hands-on support from Gwen Lane and our team. 

We personally review your materials (influencer portfolio, pitches, copy, sales pages, emails, webinar, etc.) and give you feedback on everything from your ideas, your offers, your marketing, your funnel so you know with confidence that you're ready! 

With our help, you will: 

  • Attract and pitch long-term paid partnerships with brands you love
  • Create and launch digital offers that get results and make an impact 
  • Discover how to market your offers using your content and channels
  • Execute launches effectively and strategically with guidance and feedback
  • Learn how you can automate sales and set up an evergreen system to generate sales 24/7


Click the button below to apply for the SEVEN FIGURE INFLUENCER program with Gwen Lane & receive access to a private, advanced training where you will learn the 3-step framework to go beyond one-off brand deals and build a seven figure business!


As an influencer and entrepreneur, I highly recommend working with Gwen Lane. She's a genius at building strategies that both convert and impact...working with her has been amazing!!!

~ Erika De La Cruz


Click the button below to apply for the SEVEN FIGURE INFLUENCER program and receive access to a private, advanced training.